What are the Things to Do While Using WordPress?

A Content Management System (CMS), WordPress helps you to create everything from simple blogs to websites to applications. This is a reliable and strong platform, which comes with many features, themes and plugins, which can improve your overall experience. However, you should do some things after setting up the WP platform, which are important for almost every blogger or developer who has just began to work on it.

Create a new database

Creating a new database is one of the most essential steps that you should instantly after the installation of WP. This is because the use of an existing database can threaten the content and codes of your blog or website. While using the WordPress CMS, you should always remember this important rule.

Pick the most appropriate plugin

WordPress comes with plenty of plugins, and you should pick one as per your needs. You should never miss the important ones, such as security plugins, backup and cache.

Create a complicated and strong password

Security has to be your biggest priority, because a secure blog or website will allow you to get the trust of your customers. There are countless hackers and malicious online users always ready to hack your website or blog and steal all your essential information. With strong passwords that comprise of complicated combination of characters, and changing them after every 3 months, can help your blog or website to stay safe from any harmful attack.

Use a unique username

You should use a username that is unique and difficult to guess. Do not use “Admin” as your own username, as is done by many new bloggers. Such a username can easily be hacked as it s all too common. You should create your own complicated username that is unique.

Use only a few plugins

It is important that you use only a few plugins. When you end up using an unnecessary number of plugins, that do not have any real contribution towards the improvement of your blog or website, you end up increasing the load time. You should stop doing that as it can have a negative impact on the performance of your site / blog.

Go with a good hosting agency

A superior hosting service provider means you will ensure solid website performance and 99% uptime. The server timeout rate and the functionalities of your website will not be negatively affected when you choose a good WordPress hosting agency.

How WordPress Secures Our Website From Internet Hackers?

Internet hackers are very rampant during these days. Hacking several websites is a major problem encountered by users that resulted to great destructions. However, strategic examinations are done to control such incidents not to happen again. That is why website developers are doing practical steps to manage the hacking situations. On the brighter side, WordPress yield several ways to the site developers to safeguard the users’ websites.


Here are the following forms that WordPresscontributes on your websites:


It should be updated and be developed. With the aid of Word Press, adding new contents, photos, and images will always be helpful. This action can prevent future hackings and security purposes of the website. The WordPress will alert the system if a significant update occurs.


It should use plug-ins and themes that are credible and relevant. On the other side, themes and plug-ins obtained from unreliable sources may lead to website hacking. The parent site of WordPress provides themes and plug-ins for free and can be utilized efficiently to any sites by the developers. This action will make the website functions readily. Also, plug-ins need to be updated.



It should apply a unique password for internet access. Common passwords will often lead to hacking. Why is this possible? Hackers will guess the passwords quickly, and they will utilize this to other websites. Therefore, unique passwords are recommended to use in websites. The strong passwords used must have at least 12 characters, consisting of numbers, symbols, and letters in uppercase and lowercase.The administrator of the site should be the one to initiate this action to break the hacking incidents. Hence, favorite sites’ passwords should regularly be changed to for security purposes.


It should have a backup security. The developed site should always have a backup file of information. The backup file must always be stored and be updated as much as possible. This method is useful to prevent hacking.


WordPress version number should never be mentioned. WordPress provides various version numbers. Developers will be the one responsible for keeping the accurate version number for future usage in website developments. Moreover, version numbers should be held privately to prevent hacking the site and provide website security.


Login attempts should be limited. It’s a way of protecting the site against the threat of hackers. Through this immediate action, when a hacker enters the incorrect password repeatedly, the hacker will be locked out from the site. Limiting login attempts is useful by locking out the IP address once an inappropriate password is entered several times. As a change, it can be arranged through sending an email to the owner once there is a failure in log-ins.


Encoding of essential data must be secured. The WordPress has security keys when it comes to encrypting data. It is stored in the visitor’s cookies for purposes of safety.


ErrorReporting must be disabled. It is useful in positive and negative ways. On the downside,server path may be displayed leading to hacking.


Administrative Access by IP should be allowed. In this way, hackers that strive to open your site from other IP addresses will fail.


Two-steps authentication should be implemented. Nevertheless, it iscomplicated,it can provide security to your website. These are the use of passwords and entry of password codes via mobile phones or e-mail addresses.


Now, you already have the ideas about the importance of WordPress to secure your websites.It must be widely used and commended to all people and business establishment owners who wants to safeguard their sites. Because when it comes to security, prevention is always the top priority.

Eight Web Design Principles For Effective Websites

Poorly designed websites tend to perform poorly in general – low traffic, low SEO ranking, low conversions, low visitor time per visit etc. This of course, can only mean one thing for your online business – failure. Therefore, if you want long-term success, your business should have a good web design. There are several design principles that come together to make you website easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, effective and engaging. Let’s look at the top 8 principles of web design:

Communication and Content

Every user who comes to your website is looking for some kind of information and they want it quickly. Therefore, it is crucial that you communicate with them in a clearly and engaging manner. Make your content appropriate, well-written and very easy to read and digest. Some of the things you can do to achieve this include;

– Organizing your information through the use of headlines and sub headlines.

– Being straight to the point.

– Using bullets to highlight your points instead of long and windy sentences.


A good design should also cater for the needs of your target market. Are your visitors looking for entertainment, information or to transact business? Having a clear purpose in every page of your website will ensure that the specific needs of your visitors are met in the most effective way possible.

Load Time

Every one hates websites that take forever to load, so ensure that yours loads faster. To increase your page load times, consider optimizing your image sizes (scale and size), compressing HTML, javascript and CSS and combining codes into a central javascript or CSS file (this helps to reduce HTTP requests).


The font type and size you use on your website should be easy to read for everyone online. Some simple fonts that almost everyone can read include, Verdana, Arial and Times New Roman. Similarly, the ideal font size that works best for most people is size 16, but you are free to tweak it to suit your site better.

Color Scheme

A well thought out color scheme can greatly enhance the experience of your web visitors. Using complementary colors help to create harmony and balance. Vibrant colors on the other hand, create emotions and therefore should be used sparingly e.g. for call to actions and buttons.

To make your content easier to read, use contrasting colors for the background and text. However, be careful not to use a background color that overpowers your content. Lastly, use white space to give your site an uncluttered and modern look.


This refers to how easy it is for users to move around your site and take the necessary action. Some effective tips you can use to improve navigation are designing clickable buttons and using bread crumbs.

Mobile Friendly

Long gone are the days when you had to log on to get home or to the office to access the internet. Now, there are numerous mobile devices that people are using to do all kind of things online including watching movies, searching for different information and buying stuff. Because of this, it pays to ensure that your website is mobile friendly. This means that it should be accessible from multiple mobile devices with different screen sizes.


The human mind processes images faster than texts, so it is always a good idea to include the right images on your website to connect better with your audience. Consider buying high quality stock photos to boost your website’s look if you don’t have any at the moment.

With these web design principles in mind, it is easy to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing website.