What are the Things to Do While Using WordPress?

A Content Management System (CMS), WordPress helps you to create everything from simple blogs to websites to applications. This is a reliable and strong platform, which comes with many features, themes and plugins, which can improve your overall experience. However, you should do some things after setting up the WP platform, which are important for almost every blogger or developer who has just began to work on it.

Create a new database

Creating a new database is one of the most essential steps that you should instantly after the installation of WP. This is because the use of an existing database can threaten the content and codes of your blog or website. While using the WordPress CMS, you should always remember this important rule.

Pick the most appropriate plugin

WordPress comes with plenty of plugins, and you should pick one as per your needs. You should never miss the important ones, such as security plugins, backup and cache.

Create a complicated and strong password

Security has to be your biggest priority, because a secure blog or website will allow you to get the trust of your customers. There are countless hackers and malicious online users always ready to hack your website or blog and steal all your essential information. With strong passwords that comprise of complicated combination of characters, and changing them after every 3 months, can help your blog or website to stay safe from any harmful attack.

Use a unique username

You should use a username that is unique and difficult to guess. Do not use “Admin” as your own username, as is done by many new bloggers. Such a username can easily be hacked as it s all too common. You should create your own complicated username that is unique.

Use only a few plugins

It is important that you use only a few plugins. When you end up using an unnecessary number of plugins, that do not have any real contribution towards the improvement of your blog or website, you end up increasing the load time. You should stop doing that as it can have a negative impact on the performance of your site / blog.

Go with a good hosting agency

A superior hosting service provider means you will ensure solid website performance and 99% uptime. The server timeout rate and the functionalities of your website will not be negatively affected when you choose a good WordPress hosting agency.